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Big Tent October 18th, 2020

So you think this virus is a Democratic hoax?
Come to my rally to hear my best Covid jokes

So you think when you mask up, freedom dies?
Come to my rally for some open-faced lies

So you think Hillary Clinton’s a pedophile?
Come to my rally – we’ll do it doggy style

So you think the Bin Laden killing was staged?
Come to my rally – let’s all be outraged

So you think there are good people on both sides?
Come to my rally – we have the best rides

So you think it’s okay that I screw porn stars?
Come to my rally – watch me put Joe behind bars

So you think I’m macho ‘cause I can grab pussies?
Come to my rally – we’ll bully these sissies

So you think I’m smart cause I paid no income tax?
Come to my rally – I’ll teach you life’s facts

So you think God chose me ‘cause I am flawed?
Come to my rally – you’ll leave slack-jawed

It don’t matter to me what kind of kook you are
Come to my rally – we’ve set a low bar

A supremacist here, a conspirator there, you’re all great
To them you might be the fringe, to me you’re the electorate

What an opportunity – I think it was heaven sent
Come ye all and join me – I have a big tent